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PEACHES - the puppy who screeches

No-one will play with Peaches, but when she puts her bark to the rescue,
everything changes... By Corinne Pearlman.

LITTLE RAJA - the elephant with the troublesome trunk

Raja upsets every animal in town - until he learns how to squirt and splash
and save the day! By Woodrow Phoenix.

QUACKELINE - the duck who wanted to be a swan.

Being yourself is hard work. But it's easier than trying to be someone else,
says Quackeline's mum. By Graham Higgins.

STREAKY - the annoying little piglet

Life is good to Streaky - if he "thoinks" before he acts. (Thoinking is what
pigs do when they're thinking.) By Ed Hillyer.

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Code: 47
Size: A5
Items per pack: 5
Price (per pack): £10.00