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Custom-made resources


Nearly all of our resources can be customized to include your organisation's logo, contact details and local information. On some items we can also make simple design or colour changes to create your own look and feel. You get all the benefits of something tried and tested without the expense of starting from scratch. If you order sufficient quantities (e.g. 500-1000 posters, or 5000-10,000 leaflets, depending on style) prices are generally no more than those on this website - and may even be less. Call us to discuss your requirements, or please contact us.

For HUGE displays

Indoors or outdoors full colour vinyl banners! Our posters can be enlarged to just about ANY size. Beautiful and VERY durable. Contact us for an estimate. This giant roller banner - it's 2.1 metres high and free-standing - is currrently being developed for outreach work by dietitians in Notts.

Got an idea?

We welcome your ideas for new resources. We wouldn't be here today without the invaluable help and feedback from our many customers. So do keep coming to us with your suggestions for resources.

COMIC COMPANY has created resources for many local, national and international agencies, including: