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Health Promotion Posters

Research has shown that up to 80% of people read the health promotion posters in waiting rooms.

It's a low-cost way of reinforcing vital health messages. With our extensive range of healthy eating, exercise and fitness, smoking education and cessation, oral health posters, and more, you're bound to find the poster to suit your health promotion need. And if you don't - tell us! We may be able to make your idea a reality.

Eat 5 a day Posters Healthy Eating Posters
Dental & Oral Health Posters Men's Health Posters Healthy Teddy Posters
Smoking cessation and tobacco education posters Eatwell Plate Posters

Outdoor and playground healthy signs

Huge display boards - perfect for use outdoors and inside.

A new and eyecatching way to promote healthy messages in the playground, school hall, classroom, office, hallway - anywhere you want to make an impact!

Outdoor and playground healthy signs