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It Takes Two to Talk - Sandwell


A four-page comic leaflet developed for SANDWELL VOLUNTEER BUREAU to encourage young people to seek help for their problems.

Have you ever wanted to really talk things through with someone?

Someone who won't take sides?

Someone you can talk openly with about what's on your mind?

Yes? Then a mentor could really help. Whether they're 18 or 80, they're trained to help YOU.

Here's how...

You can talk to a mentor about ANYTHING that's troubling you. It may be school, friends, family, how you look, how you feel inside.

A mentor will listen to you, and help you to work things out.

They'll help you find answers that work for YOU. They'll support you every step of the way.

No one else need know what you talk about. It will stay CONFIDENTIAL.

What do I do?

You can discuss whatever you want with your mentor. They are there to listen.

If your mentor suggests a different way of doing things, you'll think about what they say.

You'll treat your mentor the way YOU'D like to be treated. Your mentor will treat you with respect.

To find out more about getting a mentor, you can talk to...

Artist Graham Higgins worked with Comic Company to create a storyboard from an initial brief from clients.